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In answer to the burgeoning demand for quality in the Construction Industry, Ginza for Construction was formed in 1994 tuning in with Egypt's changing economic landscape. A private joint stock company, with a paid capital of LE 30 million, Ginza's main target is to provide uncompromisingly top-quality structures for the pattern of increasing demand.

Proud to be a young company, yet a vigorously growing one, Ginza has an exceptionally strong stand with the support of IGI (International Group for Investments), considered one of of the leading industrial, international service and trading companies in Egypt.

Mohammed Sheta


Such support not only translates into financial strength, the main base for a solid construction company, but also into a network of connections and communications which smoothes the way for ongoing and upcoming projects.

This backing, combined with Ginza's management system, which depends on highly  experienced and qualified employees, provides a strong foundation on which the youthful company can fully realize its potential.

Still en route to realizing very ambitious targets, Ginza has already secured several contracts for major construction projects, mostly as turnkey contractor. The diversification of these projects from Residential to Industrial to Commercial and from Hospitals to Hotels has given the company a diverse scope of expertise to sustain its steady growth.

Ginza, a company dedicated to differentiate itself in a competitive market place, aspires to channel its energies into new areas and a wider scope of activities.